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Amazon Jungle Bolivia – Discover Bolivia with Abla

As part of my regular Bolivian exploration trips, I recently visited Trinidad, in the Department of Beni. The Chuchini Eco-reserve quickly appeared as one of the TOP things to do.

I had visited the Amazonian jungle from Rurrenabaque twice, the Madidi National Park and also the Pampa in Santa Rosa del Yacuma. Yet, I was really looking forward to explore the Beni Department more in depth. I must say that Trinidad has a totally different vibe. Even though it’s tropical and Amazonian as well, the atmosphere is much more laid back. And I loved it!

Jungle Trinidad Beni

Chuchini is a very pleasant lodge in the heart of the Amazon offering many activities and a top welcome

The Chuchini eco-reserve, set up above a “loma” (artificial hill), offers a very interesting mix between nature and culture and a magical experience.

Upon arrival, you will receive a very warm welcome from Miriam and her team, who will explain about the place and the options available.

As I had very little time, I couldn’t take the full day package (nor do the horse riding, also available!). The package looked very attractive though, including a jungle walk, a boat tour and a visit to Chuchini own archaeological museum. Instead, I had an excellent lunch and a relaxed afternoon on the hammock in front of the lagoon, keeping an eye out in case an alligator would pass by.

Hammock in Chuchini with view to the Chuchini Lagoon

I also went for a guided tour in the Moxos museum Chuchini with Miriam. Although small, the museum has a very impressive collection of this pre-Colombian civilization. It’s pretty fascinating to think that everything you see in display was randomly found on the hill on which you are standing. Miriam explains with a lot of knowledge and kindness the various aspects of the Moxos culture through all the objects present in the Chuchini museum, which makes you realize how advanced these people were and how little the world still knows about them. It’s a real journey through time.

The first contact I had with Miriam was very reassuring and made me want to go visit even more. She is super available, reactive, and gives you all the required information. I wrote to her on a Saturday night, for a visit the next day, and she was super receptive, even arranging my way back to the airport. Here is the thing about Miriam: she answers all your questions in a very precise way and even anticipates your needs. For example, she offered to organize lunch even before my arrival, so that I wouldn’t waste my limited time and could enjoy the place even more. So do not doubt in whatsapping her for any question about your visit to Chuchini!

I must say, of the several lodges I have visited in Bolivia, Chuchini had one of the best welcoming and quality of service I have ever experienced. It’s professional and familiar at the same time and a perfect place to relax and reconnect with the nature.

Bolivia takes you from the Amazon to the Cordillera, along deserts, lakes, valleys, canyons and much more

If you are planning to visit Bolivia, you must probably know already about the Salar (Salt Flats) and, of course, the Amazon. Those two extremes already give you a hint of the diversity of the country! But honestly, Bolivia is much more diverse than you can ever imagine! I have traveled a lot in the country to get to know the Must-sees, as well as the off-the-beaten track circuits. I explored many different places, and each time I was amazed by the incredible variety and authenticity you can find. The landscapes are stunning and the people are charming. You often find yourself thinking “this is out of this world”. It is a country full of contrasts that will make you live an unforgettable experience.

Laguna colorada

In addition to the classics Salar de Uyuni and Titicaca Lake, there is so much more you can do:

La Paz, the highest capital in the world, and its colorful markets, history and cable cars; visit beautiful colonial cities like Sucre and Potosi, with their active mines; hike in the Andes Cordillera and even climb your first summit at 6000m (approximately 19 685 feet); explore the national parks of Amboro (tropical hiking), Torotoro (an adventurous stay that will include canyons, caves, and dinosaur footprints!), Sajama (with its volcano, geysers and thermal waters); bike down the Death Road, the most dangerous road in the world; follow the steps of the Jesuites in the Chiquitanias Missions; walk the trails where Ernesto Che Guevara was capture and killed; visit the beautiful bodegas and vineyards around Tarija; observe some of the strangest geological formations … get to know one of the richest pre-colombian civilization, the Tiwanaku; or get in touch with the local indigenous culture and folklore.

Laguna verde
Death Road
La Paz Bolivia
Sunset Salar de Uyuni

Whether you are in for archeology, paleontology, geology, architecture, nature, civilization, adrenaline, mountains, jungle… you will find what you are looking for in Bolivia.

What to visit in Bolivia and how to plan your trip in Bolivia?

My name is Abla, I am French-Moroccan and I live in La Paz. As I said before, I have traveled a lot all around Bolivia (and the world, with more than 50 countries visited) and I must admit Bolivia has something special.

If you like being away from the touristic crowds and see amazing places and cultures, Bolivia is your land! However, finding appropriate information is not always an easy task when planning a trip to Bolivia. Tourism is only as its beginning here and some places are still difficult to reach, which may make organizing your trip complicated. I believe the help of a local expert is necessary to make the best of it.

Ablacadabra Travel is the name of my project. I design personalized itineraries, with all its logistical aspects, to make you explore Bolivia at your own rhythm. My priority is that you get the trip that best suits you.

Searching the internet will lead you to two conclusions: either the information is unavailable/outdated or overabundant and contradictory, and you won’t know which one to trust. You may not know what to visit or in which order, and how to logistically plan your trip in Bolivia. So what if someone that lives in the country and knows it by heart, would spend all the necessary time with you to advice on how to best plan your trip to Bolivia, according to your tastes and way of traveling? What if you could contact that same person when traveling in Bolivia, at any time if you have a question, a doubt, a change of program or just need to be reassured? That person is me!

I truly love to help travelers make the best of their trip.

How does it work?

Once you whatsapp me, we will start an extensive conversation to understand your needs. I will listen to every single aspect of your wishes and advice you, in a very neutral and objective way. This part is totally free! You will only pay for the itinerary that I will design for you, if you decide to use that service.

The cost of the service (which is very fair) includes your written itinerary in a personalized TravelBook and free updates on the latest events impacting your trip in Bolivia. And you can also opt, for an extra fee, for having unlimited phone assistance during your trip.

If you want flexibility, quality and safety, just whatsapp me anytime at : +33627441806.

I will answer from 8am to 10pm Bolivian time (hours can be adjusted according to time difference) and speak French English Spanish and Arabic. Or write to me at

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“Honestly, Bolivia is much more diverse than you can ever imagine! I have traveled a lot in the country to get to know the Must-sees, as well as the off-the-beaten track circuits. I explored many different places, and each time I was amazed by the incredible variety and authenticity you can find.”

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