Crowdfunding: Half time! 50 days left for 61%. Can we make it?

Crowdfunding Chuchini Project: Half time! 50 days left for 61%. Can we make it?

Crowdify Rainforest Project Chuchini

If you have already helped, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your donation.

It’s half time for our crowdfunding project! In 50 days all the fun will be over. With your help we will be able to reach our goal. If we don’t reach our goal, we won’t get any funding for our nature conservation project.

Donate for a good cause and help the wild animals in the Amazon rainforest to create a sanctuary in the annual flood. Because only when the animals feel comfortable, they reproduce. With your help we can guarantee that the population of wild animals will increase again in the future.

And another tax tip: In Switzerland, you can deduct donations from taxes…

If you would like to help us, please share this link in your social media accounts:

Many thanks to all of you and dear greetings from the jungle

Chuchini Amazon Wildlife Reserve & Eco Lodge,

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