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About Us – CHUCHINI Amazon Wildlife Eco Reserve & Lodge

About us: Chuchini is a privately owned, family run ecological and archaeological visitor sanctuary (Eco Reserve & Lodge), located 14 km north of Trinidad in Beni, in the Amazon region of Bolivia. The reserve makes a great day out in Bolivia, and is the top thing to do in Trinidad.

Our mission is to protect and preserve this unique habitat for everyone (animal and human) to enjoy this piece of nature forever.

We do this entirely through the help of visitors, volunteers and donations; we receive no government support or funding.

Family owned business since 1973

Chuchini was founded in 1973 by Efrem Hinojosa Hieber and Rosario Garnica Suarez.  They discovered that the area was of huge biological significance, supporting more than 200 species of birds, 100 mammals, and many important endemic species that do not occur anywhere else in the world.  Furthermore they discovered that it is also a site of huge archaeological significance. Lying on one of 20,000 artificial hills that was created by a mysterious hydraulic civilization (known as the ancient earth movers of the Amazon) who were advanced at using water for agriculture, fish farming and preventing floods. Many important artefacts have been discovered here which provide an insight into the history of this ancient civilization that once inhabited this land – how they lived, ate and socialized.

Unfortunately the area was, and still is under threat from deforestation due to logging, fishing, poaching, agriculture and other illegal activities; vast areas surrounding Trinidad have already suffered this fate. That is why the family Hinojosa decided to dedicate their lives to preserving and protecting the area.

The area is called ‘Chuchini’ which in the old Trinitarian language means ‘house of the jaguar’. To this day the sanctuary is still owned and protected by the very same family who founded it.

International Hosts, Local expertise

Since 2014 their youngest son Efrem Ibis and his wife Miriam from Switzerland are running Chuchini Amazon Wildlife Eco Reserve & Lodge. Efrem Ibis will be your Guide. He lives his whole life in Chuchini and knows everything about the Amazon Wildlife. He is a veterinarian. His wife Miriam moved in 2013 from Zurich, Switzerland to Bolivia. She is the heart of the Eco-Reserve. She will always be there for you and your needs. She speaks Spanish, English, German and understands French.

The Chuchini Family: Miriam & Efrem Hinojosa Garnica with their twins Yara & Efrem.
Miriam comes from Switzerland (Europe) and speaks German, English and Spanish. ​

Your Guide: Efrem Ibis lives his whole life in Chuchini and knows everything about the flora & fauna of this beautiful place. He has also a degree in veterinary medicine.

Rosario Garnica Suarez and Efrem Hinojosa Hieber
The founders of Chuchini and the pioneers in the tourism of Beni and the archeology.