A Day in Chuchini – Wildlife Reserve & Eco Lodge

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This place well-known in Trinidad and famous to come enjoy a fresh juice on a Sunday has a lot of activities to offer. Here is how to spend a typical day in Chuchini:

View on the lagoon

No alarm needed to wake up, as the natural inhabitants of the wild life will take care of that for you. The jungle is full of sounds that will slowly awake you from your sleep. Breakfast is served in the Comedor, giving a nice view on the Lagoon flowing in front of you; with juice, fruits, bred and a typical local specialty – everything you need to fuel your body with positive energy to start your day in a good mood.

Catching a tambaqui fish that you’ll be eating for lunch

First activity; go to the ponds just behind the lodge in the hope of catching a tambaqui fish that you’ll be eating for lunch. Thankfully, the fishes in the pond are quite hungry and will gladly bite the piece of meat you’re offering them at the end of your stick. You’ll also have the chance of having the company of a nice Rhea Americana or as the locals say Piyu or Ňandu.

Rhea Americana or as the locals say Piyu or Ňandu

Zipline that goes above the Chuchini Amazon Rainforest Lagoon

After having caught your fish, you’ll be able to have a nice go at the Zipline that goes above the Lagoon. Jump on it and cross the Chuchini lagoon with a 360 view. The most adventurous ones might also be able to jump in and have a little swim if they feel like it, and if the weather allows it.

Zip Line on the Chuchini Amazon Rainforest Lagoon

Then, enjoy a nice Bolivian lunch, nicely prepared by the cook. Specialties from here include potatoes, fried bananas, rice with cheese, loads of vegetables, the fish you just caught and fruits for dessert. All these dishes will be accompanied by a bit of spicy sauce aji on the side, and herbs from the garden.

Hamacks with a view on the lagoon, listening to the sound of birds

As siesta is a part of Bolivian culture, you can enjoy a nap on one of the hamacks with a view on the lagoon, listening to the sound of birds, in the cool air of the shade next to the comedor.

Hamack with view to the Chuchini lagoon

Whenever you’re well rested, go for a walk in the jungle, where you can observe the diversity of the flora and fauna. From fallen branches to immense trees, the jungle offers a variety of green that will take your breath away. The howler monkeys playing on top of the trees might scare you with their laugh, while the blue wondering butterfly might come flying through your fingers. Walk around for an hour or so in the little path, however note that the best time in the day to go is around 4:30 pm.

Board on a little boat to go looking for Alligators…

Coming back to the lodge, go up the Mirador to observe the sun setting on the lagoon, and giving the sky wonderful shades of yellow, orange and pink. Do not forget your camera to save the moment as well as your repellent, as it is mosquito’s favorite time of the day. After dinner, board on a little boat to go looking for Alligators… Guided by a really strong torch, try to spot the yellow eyes in the water. Then, you might be surprised to see how easy it is to catch the little babies, you might even have the chance to hold them! After gently putting them back where they belong you’ll be heading back to Chuchini for a well-deserved night, falling asleep to the sound of frogs.

Sunset at Chuchini Lagoon, Trinidad, Bolivia

By Juanita la Banana sin Pyjama from France / Ireland